Marvel’s ✨ETERNALS✨

Who has watched all the Marvel movies from Iron Man 1 to Endgame? Well we have new movies to watch. I can’t wait!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch Loki and WandaVision series that started in Disney+. I wonder if those might have connection to upcoming movies. Goodness, I also want to watch it..

The ✨Eternals✨

When I saw Ms. Angelina Jolie in the trailer, I screameeedd! 😁✌🏻

I would really love her in the Marvel, and finally she became part of the universe! What took so long for her to be part? I still ask this though she was already in the universe.

I think she was really reserved for the Eternals because she’s truly an amazing actress. The role suited her well. Oh I really can’t wait to watch Eternals!

I will be screaming in awe again when I watch the movie. Just like when I watched the Endgame with my siblings.

The Endgame

When we watched it in cinema, and Captain America stood up, tightened the strap of his shield, his face of bruises and cuts, readying his fighting skills– then Sam spoke– I really screamed!

Just a low scream though. I didn’t like to frighten others…

My siblings restrained me as I made low scream again. And again. And I think one more time.

When everyone appeared on Captain’s side, I also screamed “it’s a friend from work!” You know the line where Thor faced the Champion of Sakaar in Thor Ragnarok. Only to find that it’s Hulk.


Come on, who would not cry on that scene??

I was also about to as I felt a lump in my throat.

I didn’t know this until now, but I am a proud fan of Marvel Universe. 😁❤️

To the Marvel company, I am waiting eagerly for upcoming movies. Can I work for your company, if I may ask? Oh sorry, I mean you keep on amazing me, and I love it! 💕💕💕

6 thoughts on “Marvel’s ✨ETERNALS✨

  1. Aaaahhh I remember watching the Endgame on cinema and everyone was soooo hyped about it. The energy in the cinemawas amazing!! Easily one of my fave films as well. SO GOOD.

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