WHAT Is Your First Love?

It’s true you can’t kill your first love, no? There are others that their first love is their passion.

In the Kdrama “My ID is Gangnam Beauty,” the mother of the male lead tried to be a good mother without dropping her passion as a perfumer. Her husband wanted her to just stay in the house and look for their family. They didn’t agree with each other, and resulted in divorce.

I have just come to realization that I already had a first love: music.

And yes I guess, we’ve also broke apart. It was when a lot of negativity surrounded me that.. I won’t be a musician.

I remember I decided to just….. forget being a musician…

Cause I got nothing that time: no means, no idea where and how to start, no equipments, nothing… How can you even begin??? I didn’t even come from an average rich family so I knew I have to work hard. So why not just forget. Since I’m not in my right mind to make decisions about my life that time, so I just forget. As I have looked back on it, my heartbreak was like a relationship with a man. Only didn’t cry because I’m determined to forget but the sorrow remained a little longer…


I’m actually been playing guitar since 2008. But nothing is special, as I have said I only know the basics. I wouldn’t played for a few months, turned to a year, and a couple of years. Kind of on and off. Plus I have to set priorities to help my parents after I graduated high school, so I put aside my enthusiasm. Couldn’t really focus on my dream that time.

Then what happened to my passion? Honestly I want to remember when I forgot it and when it returned, but my memory of it maybe lost already. Eventually it returned to me, I discovered more songs and bands! I remember I asked God if the fire in my dream is from Him, which the answer is yes! Definitely! The fire in my dream never left! It’s really like I ran out of fuel so the fire faded…

Although I’m still struggling with some things until now to make my dreams come true, I’m also trying to be calm and let things just flow.

I just really want to go with the flow…

~ 🎼 ~

By the way I hit thisπŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»


Thank you all so muuucchh!

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