Music | “Much Alive”

I’m eager to share that finally I am able to make melody and chord progressions for my lyrics!

As you know I’m really struggling to come up for even a bit of a chord progression. That’s where I had a bad time in composing. Before I was like ‘how do I do this?’ and how do songwriters do that?’

Here’s what I learned (so far):

  • you should find chords with the melody
  • it has not to be perfect, but rather fitting with the melody

So my 2 songs are “devouring” and one with an acronyms of “W.I.S.”

To listen to it, here’s a link to the playlist/album I call “Much Alive” in SoundCloud:



I can’t believe that God has bestowed me this lesson now. It maybe a little late on my part. But it’s His timetable, not late not advance.

But I’m not entirely complaining or anything! It’s much better to go along with His will!

That’s why I’ve been busy all those days 😁

~ 🎼 ~


As what I’m trying to say in some of my posts, I also want to write my own stories. I have one that I wrote first. But then as I’m reading and trying to write more for it, I couldn’t appreciate what I’m writing. What is the term for that? But it’s a writer’s struggle, right?

Also because writing is not easy, I supposed that I could write with little difficulty, just a little, and that won’t stress me so much… But no. I have to study my story and the world I’m creating. Wait, studying again?

Yes. And that’s what I’m doing now. Jotting down short ideas, scenes, and infos for the story.

It’s actually fun! I’m excited for my characters and their world. I’m learning, indeed. So… I’m an amateur writer now? No? Yes?

By the way, do you have, or do you use Wattpad? I’ve also been active in Wattpad. Found some awesome Filipino writers and their works. I’m delighted with their chosen genre, setting, and other details for their stories.

I’m also looking forward to be able to write good stories of my own. For now I’ll continue brainstorming, jotting and reading stories.

~ 🎼 ~

May paganito na ko, hehe..

WHAT Is Your First Love?

It’s true you can’t kill your first love, no? There are others that their first love is their passion.

In the Kdrama “My ID is Gangnam Beauty,” the mother of the male lead tried to be a good mother without dropping her passion as a perfumer. Her husband wanted her to just stay in the house and look for their family. They didn’t agree with each other, and resulted in divorce.

I have just come to realization that I already had a first love: music.

And yes I guess, we’ve also broke apart. It was when a lot of negativity surrounded me that.. I won’t be a musician.

I remember I decided to just….. forget being a musician…

Cause I got nothing that time: no means, no idea where and how to start, no equipments, nothing… How can you even begin??? I didn’t even come from an average rich family so I knew I have to work hard. So why not just forget. Since I’m not in my right mind to make decisions about my life that time, so I just forget. As I have looked back on it, my heartbreak was like a relationship with a man. Only didn’t cry because I’m determined to forget but the sorrow remained a little longer…


I’m actually been playing guitar since 2008. But nothing is special, as I have said I only know the basics. I wouldn’t played for a few months, turned to a year, and a couple of years. Kind of on and off. Plus I have to set priorities to help my parents after I graduated high school, so I put aside my enthusiasm. Couldn’t really focus on my dream that time.

Then what happened to my passion? Honestly I want to remember when I forgot it and when it returned, but my memory of it maybe lost already. Eventually it returned to me, I discovered more songs and bands! I remember I asked God if the fire in my dream is from Him, which the answer is yes! Definitely! The fire in my dream never left! It’s really like I ran out of fuel so the fire faded…

Although I’m still struggling with some things until now to make my dreams come true, I’m also trying to be calm and let things just flow.

I just really want to go with the flow…

~ 🎼 ~

By the way I hit this👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


Thank you all so muuucchh!


The crowd was chanting my name as could be heard in the backstage. My electric guitar hanged on my shoulder. I was standing and trying to relax.

“You can go up now,” the floor director told me. I took one last heavy breath before emerging on the stage from the waiting side. Even I have earplugs I could hear the crowd’s cheer.

I was immediately awakened, as the alarm blared.

I had to wake up, though I still want to continue my concert… in my dream.

As you see, my ultimate dream is to be a musician. I love to sing and play guitar. But don’t expect too much… I just know how. I actually always dreaming of being in a band, performing on stage, and rocking my heart out.

I adore the kind of music that is upbeat or with heavy instrumentals. So I mainly into rock, alternative, punk, pop rock, or punk rock. Like songs of bands.

Here are the major bands/solo musicians that I love:

Starfield, Paramore, Barlowgirl, All Time Low, 5SOS, Skillet, Linkin Park, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Cueshé, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Ed Sheeran, Yeng Constantino, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, and IU.

This is only a few because I got too many to mentions! 🤯

I would also likely to learn other instruments such as drums and keyboards. I have no depth knowledge about guitar, only familiar with basic chords and strumming patterns.

This dream was started, I guess, when I discovered about the band Paramore. Well they were mentioned by my friend before, thanks to him. And eventually I begun to love their songs. Urgh! I know I’m blessed by knowing about them! I just love their genre! BUT let me cut about them for now, more about them soon!

So going back… Especially whenever I watch their concerts, I could see myself like I was the one singing! I think my ultimate dream is insane! The vocalist Hayley Williams is one of a kind and awesome, no one can replace her!!!

So… I definitely have no reason how and why I love music, and the Paramore. I think it occurred naturally?

This ultimate dream…

I actually hopes for it to occur. Even if I’m running out in the calendar.


~ 🎼 ~