Different Hangover

Have you tried soju then gin after? If you have, how was your hangover? I don’t know if you experienced what I experienced.

My friends and I only drink whenever we gather. During those times, we like to try out new liquors and mixes. But we don’t gather every week or likewise. We only gather when it’s two, three or four months already. Especially now that we all are busy with our own lives, we rarely hang out. So we make the most of our short times.

After we finished with the soju mix, we also went for a bottle of gin mixed with Tang Pineapple. I actually don’t want to taste that mixture anymore. I feel to gag because of its taste and smell. It’s just when the mixture is too sweet, has a lot of juice powder. Now I just prefer a light mixture.

And after we finished with the gin mix, I got sleepy. It’s just a couple of naps. And my head started to pound. When 5am set, we decided to go home. My head still pounding, but I managed to be home. I slept for a while and did some chores in the afternoon. But in the office the next day, my headache got worse, it’s my first time suffering that pain.

I hope you’ll understand my description. The back of my head throbs and my neck numbs, I think maybe it’s because of the aircon. Whenever my neck numbs, I twist my head slowly, worrying I might break a vein.

I don’t like to drink those liquors anymore, haha. Anyhow I don’t always drink, so I guess it’s fine.

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