My BuJo Designs

Hey guys! Just want to share some designs of my bullet journal, hihihi..

My 2021 bullet journal

~ 🎼 ~

As I have said my 2020 bujo have already its format, so I didn’t have to design. Here’s from 2019 instead..


I love taking notes every sunday mass. But I don’t write them on my bullet journal anymore because it has its own notebook now.

As you can see my bujo doesn’t have fancy designs. For now I actually focusing to write down things. Besides I haven’t had many supplies for designing, so I stick with what I have for now. 😊😜

~ 🎼 ~

9 thoughts on “My BuJo Designs

    1. Hi! Thank you sa pagbisita sa blog ko… Gawa ka na rin ng bujo, saka mas marami pang magagandang gumagawa ng ganyan, marami kang makikita..


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