Just Another Regret

I’m always depress. But I try to be not regretful. I’m really trying not to. As I’m gaining age, I become more mindful about my life. And I got to tell, I regret choosing comfort over earning money first, which comfort could attain later.

Why did I really let that opportunity slipped away?

Because I want to have time for myself. I don’t want to spend six days in the job.

I was so immature before, now I regret it. A lot (you have no idea…). After I let that opportunity slipped away, I found comfort. But I couldn’t earn money and things I need.

Now I envy those who are earning and able to buy things. Although I still can be like them, it’s not easy. Also I’m depress because I know I haven’t been that productive and I didn’t use my time well enough…But as much as I want to ignore my regrets, I’ll just try not to linger much to those…

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