Work Life Wrap-ups Pt. 2

First thing first: I’ve got a new job already, yey! I thank you now for your congratulatory messages.

The job is nice, since I’m familiar to the task. And honestly the working environment is amazing. Very different to the 1-month only job I got before.

My co-workers are very approachable. They are already a family there because almost all of them were in the company for three years and up already!

We don’t use computers actually, we use laptops. Mind you that I will have a new laptop to use, but if ever, my laptop is still usable though. I will also have my own Epson LX-310 printer since I make vouchers.

There are also a lot of events in the future, especially birthday celebrations of our owners, where we will be dancing or singing maybe. The company also has sports fest and outing, wow..

After eating lunch, I am free to use my remaining time for personal things, like using my phone, or just sleep, and by 1pm we are to return on working

The only thing in my new job is the longer working hours from 7:30am to 6pm. However it really doesn’t matter now. I actually got used to it already. Besides I’m enjoying this new job that I don’t care about working for long hours.

I’m also thankful that I got the privileged of working there, and I really hope to be a great, or if not, a good support for the company.

~ 🎼 ~

Work Life Wrap-ups

So since I resigned this February, I’m still unemployed.

Yeah I was hired in an office job. But it was a 1-month only job, so I don’t really consider it a working experience.

You might be wondering why I resigned?

It’s because I didn’t really appreciate the job, work environment and the head/supervisor… I really tried to appreciate the head, but I have limits… We all are.

Why does she always frowning, like her eyebrows were knotted very tight, whenever she sees me? I think I would appreciate the job if the situations were opposite, but now I dislike it.

Now here’s a thing.

I took my experience there as a challenge, WHICH I evidently failed. There are a lot of failures in my life, and that was one of it. I actually regretted that opportunity naman, the whole work experience.

An opportunity I wasted. But I’m sure there’s someone fit for that job.

During my 2-weeks on that 1-month only job, I REALLY missed my old job. And I actually realized why I felt that way. It’s because I’m in the stage of comparison that time. You know comparing my old and new job. It’s not good.

However I still endured, and actually hoping that my supervisor would treat me properly. After more weeks I overcame wanting to return to my old job.

There are a lot of things I want to share (which is all about that 1-month only job). But I’m lazy and tired– forgive me now. And it will only turn out to be my tantrums and full of negativity. So let’s just move on na lang.

So I moved on now, and continuing to survive. Praying to God for His will to what job I fit.

~ 🎹 ~

Just A Day in Job Hunting

When being responsible and jobless hit, I just end up with frustration. I applied for so many job openings I found in a site but all I received were “unfortunately” emails.

I want to be stable and to save up money for my future, and for future business hopefully. So I need stable job that could help me.

I told myself before that I hate job hunting. But here I am again.

There are days where I applied to many job openings. But after some days I’ll receive unfortunately feedbacks. You have already know how frustrated I am in my situation.

There are also days where I am tired applying. So I lay low for a few days, just to rest.

I don’t know if in other places are like here in our country. You may have over 2 years experience from your previous job, but to some company you’re applying, they won’t consider it. Yes, I get it, there’s a competition especially in these times. A lot of potential applicants are also jobless. And I know I can’t beat them.

I continue receiving “unfortunately” feedback from the site since the start of this year, and also last year, goodness. However I didn’t say I’d stop. I have a lot that needs to achieve.


~ 🎼 ~

Updates in Life Lately

My birthday. Was actually December 20, and I know I didn’t post here that day, got really busy on my part-time. I haven’t even announce it in advance either. I’m terrible. Seems I’m not joyful and thankful that I have a birthday…

But anyway, please greet me a very belated happy birthday! 🎉🎂😆😅

And you know I actually read a quote in Facebook, I think, one time. Not the exact words though, it said “you’re mature when you treat your birthday as normal.” Yeah it was just normal, I even told my mother not to cook for my day, so we could cook our handa on Christmas Eve instead. However the handaan still happened. We cooked spaghetti and pansit which were just enough for the fam. Some of my closest friends greeted me, but not the people I know and been close before, which was a little lonesome.. moving on..

Bullet journal. I’m just gonna tell you this now so you’ll know.. that I’m doing bullet journal, which was started on December 2018. And so to prepare for this new year, I bought new journal notebook and some other supplies.

For this 2021
My supplies for Dec 2018

The first time I started bullet journal, I bought a dotted notebook. Yeah you have to really design your own journal. With the help of my colored pens I did have designed my notebook. Here’s a terrible part that can say I’m a terrible person somehow: I stopped journaling on the month of September 2019… Half of my notebook is still empty. I also just checked my private journal, and I also lost of writing since Aug 30 2019. My next writing was Dec 21 2019.

I’m really terrible…

So since I got lazy and unmotivated designing, for 2020 I bought new one with its own format already.

New self-help book. Found the book “101 Questions You Need To Ask in Your Twenties” by Paul Angone. I love this kind of books now really. With this one I newly bought, I’m excited to answer the questions. I guess there’ll be matters that will be clearer to me…

Work. So I thought maybe I’m not made to work online or as a freelancer for now, I decided to apply for actual works. I think I’m meant to do actual works. And it’s another bunch of interviews here and there. I’m just thankful that God gives me some confidence and the calm, because we know sometimes interviews are scary… Minsan lang naman di ba?

~ 🎼 ~

By the way.. Happy New Year to us! 🎉🎊🎇🎆