Work Life Wrap-ups

So since I resigned this February, I’m still unemployed.

Yeah I was hired in an office job. But it was a 1-month only job, so I don’t really consider it a working experience.

You might be wondering why I resigned?

It’s because I didn’t really appreciate the job, work environment and the head/supervisor… I really tried to appreciate the head, but I have limits… We all are.

Why does she always frowning, like her eyebrows were knotted very tight, whenever she sees me? I think I would appreciate the job if the situations were opposite, but now I dislike it.

Now here’s a thing.

I took my experience there as a challenge, WHICH I evidently failed. There are a lot of failures in my life, and that was one of it. I actually regretted that opportunity naman, the whole work experience.

An opportunity I wasted. But I’m sure there’s someone fit for that job.

During my 2-weeks on that 1-month only job, I REALLY missed my old job. And I actually realized why I felt that way. It’s because I’m in the stage of comparison that time. You know comparing my old and new job. It’s not good.

However I still endured, and actually hoping that my supervisor would treat me properly. After more weeks I overcame wanting to return to my old job.

There are a lot of things I want to share (which is all about that 1-month only job). But I’m lazy and tired– forgive me now. And it will only turn out to be my tantrums and full of negativity. So let’s just move on na lang.

So I moved on now, and continuing to survive. Praying to God for His will to what job I fit.

~ šŸŽ¹ ~