4 Issues in Life Lately

Last week has poor reception especially for internet connection. That’s unmotivating to do major works. However, I got some little things last week.

Kdrama. Yup, I love Kdramas! I started to love it when one of the dramas “City Hunter” was aired in local tvs in 2010. That drama was my first love, apparently. Then more dramas came and coming. Moving on, last Monday I decided to watch new dramas again, the “Hotel Del Luna.” I read and heard some positive reviews for the drama. But the problem is I only have 3 episodes of it! And I have to wait for good internet connection to finish it.

WIPs. I actually have 3 works in progress. After almost 2 or 3 months, I’m finally updating my story #3.

Event for Dec 5. There will be a music event which I’m excited to attend. I found out about it last October or November 2019, almost a year now. Originally it should be on February of this year, but due to covid-19 it was rescheduled on April, and rescheduled again on Dec 5. The event is called “Rakrakan Festival: Peace, Love, and Music,” and a lot of bands, musicians, and singers will be present.

The thing is I’m hesitating to attend. Why is that? Firstly I haven’t saved up a budget (for fare and food) for the event. Another, because of the pandemic I was down with only 2 working days. My salary for that 2 days goes for expenses at home, not for unnecessary things I’d like to do or buy. Since I’m very limited and lacking during this times, I shouldn’t be selfish. Lastly, you know at first because I was excited when I bought my ticket, I thought I could attend by myself, that I don’t need friends to accompany me. But I’m having second thoughts. I don’t know when I’ll have the confidence to go by my own for events like this. I just hope to acquire it soon enough..

News on tv. This past weeks were even more dreadful as 4 super typhoons landed on our country. A lot of provinces flooded with over a human-size water and almost a two-storey house! My kababayans cried and mourned as their houses were completely wiped out. But these are not all there is. More problems emerged. This is what I said from my recent post “when hard became harder.”

Good news: a lot of artists and fellow kababayans are helping them. I hope those good samaritans will continue helping as some people like me couldn’t do the same. What we could give is compassion, and heartfelt prayer to God to give them full strength for this even more hard times. Because God isn’t unable to see or hear your sufferings.

God sees and hears everything.

~ 🎼 ~