Work Life Wrap-ups Pt. 2

First thing first: I’ve got a new job already, yey! I thank you now for your congratulatory messages.

The job is nice, since I’m familiar to the task. And honestly the working environment is amazing. Very different to the 1-month only job I got before.

My co-workers are very approachable. They are already a family there because almost all of them were in the company for three years and up already!

We don’t use computers actually, we use laptops. Mind you that I will have a new laptop to use, but if ever, my laptop is still usable though. I will also have my own Epson LX-310 printer since I make vouchers.

There are also a lot of events in the future, especially birthday celebrations of our owners, where we will be dancing or singing maybe. The company also has sports fest and outing, wow..

After eating lunch, I am free to use my remaining time for personal things, like using my phone, or just sleep, and by 1pm we are to return on working

The only thing in my new job is the longer working hours from 7:30am to 6pm. However it really doesn’t matter now. I actually got used to it already. Besides I’m enjoying this new job that I don’t care about working for long hours.

I’m also thankful that I got the privileged of working there, and I really hope to be a great, or if not, a good support for the company.

~ šŸŽ¼ ~