Am I into Hip-hop now?

So an amusing event has took place on my way to Hip-hop music. Although I’d say Hip-hop in the Philippines has always been here, and it’s the most popular genre, but it’s not my forte.

I have always loved rock music ever since, it’s my first love when it comes to genre. And I also love upbeat music, those that can make me dance (at home only, lol). And one of the songs that can make me dance, especially in the Hip-hop industry, is this one…

Dance With You by Skusta Clee

The event…

Just the other day I attended the Christmas party of my part-time job. It was just a simple event of eating foods and singing in videoke/karaoke.

When I walked to where the videoke stands, I found that the music video of the song was playing, and so I sat down and watched the video. I heard the song been played by a neighbor before, that’s the first time hearing it. So just the other day was the first time watching the video. It didn’t occur to me that the singer can dance!

The moves are so cool on you, dude! 😎🤘🏻

An amusing thing is that I came to like the voice of the singer, not in his song “Dance With You,” but in another song called “Pauwi Na Ko.” In this another song, he’s with his crew mates of the Hip-hop group Ex Battalion, but he sings the chorus part. I like his voice, that I kept thinking it when I arrived home. I hope he will have upcoming more songs!

The question…

So am I into Hip-hop now?

My honest answer is no.

But this doesn’t mean I don’t like the genre, although it will also depends on the lyrics and the tune. It’s just that I have always been in love with rock music. First love never dies, hahahaha! As an aspiring musician, it’s good to have a lot of preferences and inspirations, the more the merrier!

You know I love to sing in a videoke. Well I doesn’t always do that, only in fortunate occasions. And on that fortunate occasions, I take the opportunity. I take the opportunity to make me lose my voice! At least my voice is getting deeper or just so I thought when in actuality it isn’t, haha.. But singing in a videoke/karaoke is an amazing way to exercise your voice! But really, I think I’m liking my voice more, haha!

~ 🎼 ~

Music | “Much Alive”

I’m eager to share that finally I am able to make melody and chord progressions for my lyrics!

As you know I’m really struggling to come up for even a bit of a chord progression. That’s where I had a bad time in composing. Before I was like ‘how do I do this?’ and how do songwriters do that?’

Here’s what I learned (so far):

  • you should find chords with the melody
  • it has not to be perfect, but rather fitting with the melody

So my 2 songs are “devouring” and one with an acronyms of “W.I.S.”

To listen to it, here’s a link to the playlist/album I call “Much Alive” in SoundCloud:



I can’t believe that God has bestowed me this lesson now. It maybe a little late on my part. But it’s His timetable, not late not advance.

But I’m not entirely complaining or anything! It’s much better to go along with His will!

That’s why I’ve been busy all those days 😁

~ 🎼 ~

My guitars

Before this month ends, and since I don’t have ganap or events for Halloween, I would like to share about my guitars instead.

And if you’d ask how I learned playing guitar, it was..

Way back to the year 2008 when I was in junior year, I was listening to the song “Magbalik” on the radio. It’s a Tagalog song by the Filipino band named Callalily.

Because of the song, my will to learn guitar has emerged.

I think I played my brother’s guitar back then. And that was the time he teached me about the basics.

My 1st Guitar

Actually.. I can’t remember when I bought my first guitar. But I think it was the year 2012. I didn’t choose a costly one. Instead I bought a cheaper one, also because my budget was limited.

I used my phone Nokia 2620 that year when I took this.

My 2nd Guitar

This month is the second birthday of my second guitar. Oh he’s two-years-old already!


I’m sorry if I celebrate like this… I’ll do better next time.. 😞🤪

~ 🎼 ~