Just A Day in Job Hunting

When being responsible and jobless hit, I just end up with frustration. I applied for so many job openings I found in a site but all I received were “unfortunately” emails.

I want to be stable and to save up money for my future, and for future business hopefully. So I need stable job that could help me.

I told myself before that I hate job hunting. But here I am again.

There are days where I applied to many job openings. But after some days I’ll receive unfortunately feedbacks. You have already know how frustrated I am in my situation.

There are also days where I am tired applying. So I lay low for a few days, just to rest.

I don’t know if in other places are like here in our country. You may have over 2 years experience from your previous job, but to some company you’re applying, they won’t consider it. Yes, I get it, there’s a competition especially in these times. A lot of potential applicants are also jobless. And I know I can’t beat them.

I continue receiving “unfortunately” feedback from the site since the start of this year, and also last year, goodness. However I didn’t say I’d stop. I have a lot that needs to achieve.


~ 🎼 ~

[Kdrama] My Mister

Hello to you all.. It’s been a while, hehe.. Update on those past days/weeks? Just got busy over nonsense things. But still looking and applying for jobs though.

By the way, I just recently finished watching the Kdrama “My Mister.”

The drama presents three brothers, where the eldest and the youngest have failures in their lives. The middle brother has a better career among them, but also has a dilemma.

The drama wants to indicate that it’s alright to have failures or to be a failure.

In life there will be no assurance, really. We don’t know what tomorrow will happen.

Somehow I saw myself from the youngest brother. He ended not living his life as a movie/drama director. He got a cleaning job instead. Even in the end of the drama, he didn’t return to be a director.

From time to time, a thought occurs in my head. I thought of just be in a cleaning job. This has been in my head for a very long time. Even when I graduated in 2017 and applying for jobs as a fresh grad. There’s no easy job, but a cleaning job would be comfortable, I guess. And even I got a cleaning job, I will still be doing what I love: playing guitar, writing, and blogging.

I’m not sharing this because I’m frustrated of being jobless. No. I’m still fine and looking for career jobs though. Also I’m still fine because I’m doing what I love… That’s why I’m still fine.

~ 🎼 ~