As what I’m trying to say in some of my posts, I also want to write my own stories. I have one that I wrote first. But then as I’m reading and trying to write more for it, I couldn’t appreciate what I’m writing. What is the term for that? But it’s a writer’s struggle, right?

Also because writing is not easy, I supposed that I could write with little difficulty, just a little, and that won’t stress me so much… But no. I have to study my story and the world I’m creating. Wait, studying again?

Yes. And that’s what I’m doing now. Jotting down short ideas, scenes, and infos for the story.

It’s actually fun! I’m excited for my characters and their world. I’m learning, indeed. So… I’m an amateur writer now? No? Yes?

By the way, do you have, or do you use Wattpad? I’ve also been active in Wattpad. Found some awesome Filipino writers and their works. I’m delighted with their chosen genre, setting, and other details for their stories.

I’m also looking forward to be able to write good stories of my own. For now I’ll continue brainstorming, jotting and reading stories.

~ šŸŽ¼ ~

May paganito na ko, hehe..