“Young Royals” Appreciation

Through scrolling on the internet, I found this drama. And I’d say I actually got excited when I read some posts, and when I watched the trailer. I was like ‘okay I got a new inspiration, I want to watch it.’

This is a biased review/thoughts, and I’m just gonna express in my own outlook.

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As an aspiring writer, it’s important for me to have a lot of inspirations. And this drama is one of those! You know that I also love Kdrama, so being a viewer isn’t new to me.

I love the main characters, Wilhelm and Simon, and their adorable love story. I even presumed some possibilities for the next season.

What if Wilhelm find a way to be with Simon again? And if he did find a way, what will be the consequences? Will he make their relationship official? As we understand that Simon doesn’t like to be in secret. And will Simon accept him to be together again?

Love or duty?

I also love the fact that the drama is different from other shows of its kind. Because I read some articles about Young Royals that mentions other shows. Of how it’s different from the usual love scenes on those other shows.

Also I felt sorry for Wilhelm and Simon’s relationship as they didn’t really get support from their classmates.

These are all based from me. So I hope for the season 2 VERY SOON, as I am looking forward for it.

Sending love for the Young Royals actors and staffs! ❤️

By the way I still can’t get over this drama and still hanging from the last hug of the last episode. Their story, I mean their love story specifically is just sweet for me. When they hugged for the last time, I was ‘did they just broke up? In seriousness? Did they? Oh no. Oh no you can’t do this to me.’ 😣😢

I have to admit I don’t know much about the LGBTQ+ community. However it doesn’t mean I don’t have respect for them, I respect them wholly as a person. I would rather look to them as a person, as a human.

We’re human after all. ❤️

~ 🎼 ~

Have you also watched Young Royals? If so, what do you think about it? Did we have the same feelings for it? Let me know in the comments!

I Can’t Anymore

I can’t be talkative like before

When I would react and say something

A little to your complaints

Sometimes it occur to me

If i will be bound

To you for a long time

I just got tired

I can’t be like that anymore

I can’t get back my energy like before

I can’t anymore

Activities To Start Now

This is for teenagers and young adults who are thinking of things to do to be productive during this pandemic, as some of you are staying at home, and has time in your hands.

Don’t take me for an example as I discovered my passions so late. Or maybe just a little late. But still late, yes I know. That’s why I want you to start now.

I also admit I didn’t know what I want to do back then. That’s why I discovered those this late.

Things in the list below may not have to spend much of your money so do it now. Here is my list..

Read the Bible

Learn an instrument

Create a journal

Learn to sing or dance

Read your favorite genre

Draw or paint

Write a story

Start a blog

You can do these things while you’re still a student. Once you graduate being a student and job hunt, you will have to develop time management skill, because you don’t have enough time.

There still a lot of activities. As a matter of fact, all these are applicable to all. As long as you want to do one or two things.

We all need diversion during such depressing times that still lingering. So maybe do three activities instead.

~ 🎼 ~

Struggles why I stop forcing myself to grab time

So I took a video of myself (I try to cover a song). Of course I’m ugly, nothing new… Though I should be depressed, there’s nothing I can do about my looks. (This doesn’t really have a connection to my post 😅)

I just like to share what I realized about one of my goals..

I think I should stop forcing myself to grab the time, which I don’t feel bestowed to me willingly, just to take videos of covering songs.

I came up with the realization because:

  • Though I have little time left before noises emerge outside our house, I could still take videos… sometimes. I’m almost accustomed now that around 4 or 5pm is the start of the noises outside. So I think that’s fine now.

  • So I also set up where my phone is located to take videos. But the thing is I don’t know what song to play! What is even happening to meyy! There’s usually this weird feeling where I’m excited to play a song, but then as I’m sitting, holding my guitar, and looking at myself on the phone, the weird feeling is lost, and the ending, the little time is wasted! Seriously.. -_-

  • Frustration. I’m getting old, and I want to begin now for this passion.

  • Patience. Truth is, this is really limited for me, and in me.

  • Also I think I’m not prepared enough. Yes I practice in my free time. But just this year was the very time I’m practicing a lot. As I looked back, I know my free time before was not enough. And I know I don’t play the songs fully.

I think those kinds of struggles are what God tries to tell me.

To tell me to stop: “Stop. This is not the little time for you. Don’t take videos, just practice for now. Again.”

Now I just recognized I’m just beginning to be a musician. I’m just beginning to actually achieve the dream, for real.

Or maybe I’ve just been more focused to the dream. That I’m realizing and looking back on these things. And because I’m more focused, I clearly understand these things and what I have to do…

~ 🎼 ~

The days are so fast…

The year 2020 is coming to its end. I am both happy and worried about it. And as I was looking back and remembering how the past months has been for me… just, what has happened? I have a lot of goals I’d like to achieve, I mean we all are, and… just what has happened?


Well, can we not be happy as a new year is ahead? We can refresh our journal, rewrite the goals which should be to achieve this year, or create new ones! Isn’t it exhilarative?


I think I didn’t use the quarantine months adequately. When the lockdown implemented, I’ve just been paused from being productive, although I did a few things that has worth. Just as I said, I have a lot of goals, and that would be my highlights for this year. But, guess its no their year.

So… I’m worried about I wasted the free time that has been laid for me. While the goals are still doable and applicable for next year, those will still be different to accomplish this year.

I do have vain worries…

I apologize to You, God, and I’ll do better…

~ 🎼 ~


I would not know it, or I just don’t want to concede.

But maybe, this life is somewhat melancholy.

Or maybe living in reality, that is.

We strive to live and survive.

But then we will notice that it is not enough.

A day would come when we are impatient for something to befall.

Eventually it can be depressing and lonely.

But we still attempt to strive.

Life is peculiar.

You will be drawn to its oddity.

Why would life be like this?

A Heartbreak

Heartbreak isn’t just about the relationship with a partner.

How about a dream you haven’t able to achieve due to some disturbances?

How about losing patience?

How about the anxiousness to make that dream occur fast?

I could say that unachieved dream gives a more peculiar weigh of despondency.

It’s so heavy and you cannot breathe.

I thought before that people who experience those

Were just acting out.

That it wasn’t a serious thing.

But now I’m experiencing it too.

You could think of me as simply acting out.

To give justice to the people I thought before.

But seriously now, unachieved dream is a heartbreak for me.

And if I could ask,

What could be a heartbreak for you?

~ 🎼 ~