WHAT Is Your First Love?

It’s true you can’t kill your first love, no? There are others that their first love is their passion. In the Kdrama “My ID is Gangnam Beauty,” the mother of the male lead tried to be a good mother without dropping her passion as a perfumer. Her husband wanted her to just stay in the house and look for their family. They didn’t agree with each other, and resulted in divorce. I have just come to realization that I already had a first love: music. And yes I guess, we’ve also broke apart. It was when a lot of negativity … Continue reading WHAT Is Your First Love?

The horror movie that disturbed me… a little

Okay, so before I get to that movie, and I could still talk about horror movies, right? Because it’s November? The other night, my siblings and I watched “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.” Here’s what I thought of it: apparently it’s for kids and teenagers, not for adults who look for more intense and terrifying ones a bit scary, like when the scarecrow started to walk towards Tommy I didn’t understand the true nature or intention of the stranger who turned to be their friend. And I even supposed that he’s bad, that he has hidden agenda for … Continue reading The horror movie that disturbed me… a little

Escape Plan

When you’re in melancholy, do you immediately go away even for a short while? Do you have certain place you could visit to? Because, you know, there’s always a moment when unhappiness suddenly visits you. When it visit me sometimes during work hours, after I’m done with work for that day, I walk. I also plug my earphones too, to listen to music. I can go to malls (and I think that’s my only escape for now). But, I’m very uncomfortable traveling by myself in unfamiliar places, even if it’s just a 1 or 2-hours time. That’s why, when melancholy … Continue reading Escape Plan