Just A Day in Job Hunting

When being responsible and jobless hit, I just end up with frustration. I applied for so many job openings I found in a site but all I received were “unfortunately” emails.

I want to be stable and to save up money for my future, and for future business hopefully. So I need stable job that could help me.

I told myself before that I hate job hunting. But here I am again.

There are days where I applied to many job openings. But after some days I’ll receive unfortunately feedbacks. You have already know how frustrated I am in my situation.

There are also days where I am tired applying. So I lay low for a few days, just to rest.

I don’t know if in other places are like here in our country. You may have over 2 years experience from your previous job, but to some company you’re applying, they won’t consider it. Yes, I get it, there’s a competition especially in these times. A lot of potential applicants are also jobless. And I know I can’t beat them.

I continue receiving “unfortunately” feedback from the site since the start of this year, and also last year, goodness. However I didn’t say I’d stop. I have a lot that needs to achieve.


~ 🎼 ~

Can I Just Hide in Bed ’til Jesus Comes Back?

Funny thing is the book was paid by my youngest sibling. She bought me that. We were looking around a bookshop and she told me she’ll buy me a book there I just have to choose. She was also looking for some Wattpad book that time.

You know I was like guided by an angel to find the book. Whenever I go to a bookshop, I would just basically scan through the titles. And when I found something it’s like I get instant connection to that book. This isn’t only when I found the recent book above, but I think every time I’d buy a book actually.

I remember when my friends and I hang out in a mall, and we stopped by a book stall. One of my friends asked me to help her find a book about life (which I quickly understood as some self-help books), because she thinks I’m keen on spotting one. And so I did scan through the books and found one thankfully!

Can I just hide in bed ’til Jesus comes back?

Really can I? Cause I actually don’t want to leave my bed, I could just lie all day!

Just being in bed or in the house means not leaving your comfort zone. Honestly sometimes I could think of just being this ordinary. Like no purpose in life. Just sleep, work and repeat.

How comfortable my life would be? If I could just hide…

But then God has given me a purpose, something to do besides just being ordinary. And I know I can’t always stay in my comfort zone. Though I manage to get to work, I’d still be “cowering under invisible blankets of fear, dread, and self-doubt,” as what the introduction of the book says. Well that maybe the reason why the book and I connected!

Hopefully with this book, I’d get to face life with courage, not comforters!

~ 🎼 ~

New Year, New Bujo!

So you also have new bullet journal notebook now right? This is what I got for this year.


Brown is actually my favorite color! And some of my writings inside I mainly use my Stabilo Point 88 in brown.

At the beginning of each month, I’ll write reminders that I want to be reminded, instead of writing the name of each month. For the weekly spreads, I’ll design each differently, unlike the usual and identical designs I did on my previous bujos.

~ 🎼 ~

Am I into Hip-hop now?

So an amusing event has took place on my way to Hip-hop music. Although I’d say Hip-hop in the Philippines has always been here, and it’s the most popular genre, but it’s not my forte.

I have always loved rock music ever since, it’s my first love when it comes to genre. And I also love upbeat music, those that can make me dance (at home only, lol). And one of the songs that can make me dance, especially in the Hip-hop industry, is this one…

Dance With You by Skusta Clee

The event…

Just the other day I attended the Christmas party of my part-time job. It was just a simple event of eating foods and singing in videoke/karaoke.

When I walked to where the videoke stands, I found that the music video of the song was playing, and so I sat down and watched the video. I heard the song been played by a neighbor before, that’s the first time hearing it. So just the other day was the first time watching the video. It didn’t occur to me that the singer can dance!

The moves are so cool on you, dude! 😎🀘🏻

An amusing thing is that I came to like the voice of the singer, not in his song “Dance With You,” but in another song called “Pauwi Na Ko.” In this another song, he’s with his crew mates of the Hip-hop group Ex Battalion, but he sings the chorus part. I like his voice, that I kept thinking it when I arrived home. I hope he will have upcoming more songs!

The question…

So am I into Hip-hop now?

My honest answer is no.

But this doesn’t mean I don’t like the genre, although it will also depends on the lyrics and the tune. It’s just that I have always been in love with rock music. First love never dies, hahahaha! As an aspiring musician, it’s good to have a lot of preferences and inspirations, the more the merrier!

You know I love to sing in a videoke. Well I doesn’t always do that, only in fortunate occasions. And on that fortunate occasions, I take the opportunity. I take the opportunity to make me lose my voice! At least my voice is getting deeper or just so I thought when in actuality it isn’t, haha.. But singing in a videoke/karaoke is an amazing way to exercise your voice! But really, I think I’m liking my voice more, haha!

~ 🎼 ~

Music | “Much Alive”

I’m eager to share that finally I am able to make melody and chord progressions for my lyrics!

As you know I’m really struggling to come up for even a bit of a chord progression. That’s where I had a bad time in composing. Before I was like ‘how do I do this?’ and how do songwriters do that?’

Here’s what I learned (so far):

  • you should find chords with the melody
  • it has not to be perfect, but rather fitting with the melody

So my 2 songs are “devouring” and one with an acronyms of “W.I.S.”

To listen to it, here’s a link to the playlist/album I call “Much Alive” in SoundCloud:



I can’t believe that God has bestowed me this lesson now. It maybe a little late on my part. But it’s His timetable, not late not advance.

But I’m not entirely complaining or anything! It’s much better to go along with His will!

That’s why I’ve been busy all those days 😁

~ 🎼 ~

Updates in Life Lately

Hello! Just got back with some updates that took me forever to share, haha..

Writing. I published my Tagalog story in Wattpad. And I’m also been active writing for it this past weeks.

Rowsonance is my Wattpad username

Kdrama. I have watched Squid Game and Sweet Home. I say this again that I love Kdrama so much. I heard that you must watch Squid Game LAST. But it’s the opposite that happened to me. Now I don’t know if I could watch Alice In The Borderland. I think it’s an awesome series too, but I’m gonna pass for it in the meantime. Regarding animes, I’m rewatching one of my favorite called Soul Eater.

Squid Game and Sweet Home are both great series. However in Sweet Home, I think there are scenes that cut off, or maybe a bit fast that I didn’t understand well? Again however, I realized maybe those scenes will be play on a potential season two.

One morning… It wasn’t fine. It was a bad one for me. I woke up early because I have work that day. It just rained heavily that morning, and my father told me that my pants were soaking through the holes on the roof! I tried to dry it up using a fan, but still damp, so I didn’t bother drying it up.

Although an inappropriate office attire, but I got no choice but to use my tokong (pants that has been cut from the knee down to the end). On my way to work, I talked with our manager on messenger. I was busy with my replies that I forgot to put my face shield!

There’s a checkpoint in a boundary where police checks the passengers if they wear face mask and shield. I only wore a face mask as I forgot to assemble my face shield. Sad to say I was caught not wearing it. So I had to got off the jeep, then had my name and info listed down their sheet. Like really shit. I’m stupid. Regardless, I still apologized to the police officers. I clearly understood my fault. I think I got traumatized by that experience. It took me a few days to move on.

Vaxx. I have also been completed my vaccine shots, thank God. I didn’t have any side effect aside from throbbing headache from my first dose. I think I got it because I had to wake up early that day.

When I arrived at the vaccination site, I was shocked by the line of the first dose, too many people! We occupied almost half of the wide and long parking lot. We were just lining there, inside of the mall was the actual vaccination area. I waited for more than 4 hours on the line before I got my shot..

On my second dose, there were too many people still. And I waited almost 8 hours before I got my second shot..

~ 🎼 ~

“Young Royals” Appreciation

Through scrolling on the internet, I found this drama. And I’d say I actually got excited when I read some posts, and when I watched the trailer. I was like ‘okay I got a new inspiration, I want to watch it.’

This is a biased review/thoughts, and I’m just gonna express in my own outlook.

From Pinterest

As an aspiring writer, it’s important for me to have a lot of inspirations. And this drama is one of those! You know that I also love Kdrama, so being a viewer isn’t new to me.

I love the main characters, Wilhelm and Simon, and their adorable love story. I even presumed some possibilities for the next season.

What if Wilhelm find a way to be with Simon again? And if he did find a way, what will be the consequences? Will he make their relationship official? As we understand that Simon doesn’t like to be in secret. And will Simon accept him to be together again?

Love or duty?

I also love the fact that the drama is different from other shows of its kind. Because I read some articles about Young Royals that mentions other shows. Of how it’s different from the usual love scenes on those other shows.

Also I felt sorry for Wilhelm and Simon’s relationship as they didn’t really get support from their classmates.

These are all based from me. So I hope for the season 2 VERY SOON, as I am looking forward for it.

Sending love for the Young Royals actors and staffs! ❀️

By the way I still can’t get over this drama and still hanging from the last hug of the last episode. Their story, I mean their love story specifically is just sweet for me. When they hugged for the last time, I was ‘did they just broke up? In seriousness? Did they? Oh no. Oh no you can’t do this to me.’ 😣😒

I have to admit I don’t know much about the LGBTQ+ community. However it doesn’t mean I don’t have respect for them, I respect them wholly as a person. I would rather look to them as a person, as a human.

We’re human after all. ❀️

~ 🎼 ~

Have you also watched Young Royals? If so, what do you think about it? Did we have the same feelings for it? Let me know in the comments!

Goodbye To You

I’m sorry I’m incapable these times

I hope you understand

I know that you were mad

I’m dealing with regrets

That I don’t know how to solve

It’s enough pain to go along

We didn’t have pictures together

But you’re in my memory forever

You had been like a grandmother to me

So know that you have a part in my life

Happy birthday in heaven

Rest in the paradise with tatay and God,


A Dream Sign??

I actually had a dream recently.

In my dream, I was afraid as I still have no job yet. I also know my family was suffering too much poorness. Though I was afraid, I still thought of posting covers in YouTube. It will be the solitary way to earn. Besides no company has been accepting me yet. Also in that dream, I’ve been afraid for a long time.

Now that I think about it, isn’t that maybe a feeling I’m just trying to ignore? Well maybe I’m really trying not to notice. Maybe because I’m applying to jobs somehow, so why would I still be afraid? But the thing is I have been applying for months now…

Anyways I’m just gonna ignore.. hahaha.. don’t think about it.. don’t think about it.. hahaha.. πŸ˜…

And have you read it? I still thought of posting covers in YouTube..? My channel has very few videos in it, and I got inactive.

I am thinking there might be something which that dream tries to tell me. About the solitary way to earn. Posting covers in YouTube. And my other passions too…

I haven’t asked God for a sign before. But I got an idea just recently of doing my passions while I’m still applying for jobs.

So I’m thinking, actually until now, if that dream was a sign…

A sign to pursue the solitary way to earn, and my other passions too….

~ 🎼 ~

Summer and Rainy Season

At the start of this month, rainy season has officially begun here in the Philippines. It was early this year. Some of us are not ready to face the new season. Like me, I still want summer to remain a little longer.

I honestly don’t like rainy season. Let me tell you some of my lame excuses.

I feel like I’m limited to where I would like to go because I’m just gonna be lazy to get out. Sometimes when I commute for work, my clothes would get wet. If there’s heavy rainfall, I would wear slippers, short and t-shirt first. I just pack my office clothes and change when I arrived in the office. It’s double-clothing.

Nevertheless I don’t clear out the thought that maybe somewhere there are who needs the early rainy season. Summer just cooked us with high heat temperature. There also has someone who tried to boil an egg under the heat of the sun!

Summer had an extreme heat temperature, and I want it to remain a little longer? And I don’t like rainy season?

Just like the two weather, I can’t understand myself sometimes too.

There has also a downside about summer for me. Because it’s summer, we’re about to sweat a lot. And I sweat a lot. So it’s a little annoying.

Summer and rainy season. The major weathers we have in this part of the vast world.

Yet, I don’t fully like it.


Discovering Musicians

Do you also listen on Spotify’s recommended channels, playlists, or musicians?

I love to listen on Spotify while working in the computer. I started listening to new musicians in the beginning of this year, and also in the last quarter of 2020.

However in this channel that I shared, most of the artists’ song is about love. Which I’m not really into, so I’m skipping a few. But given the tune of the song and lyrics, I have actually liked some.

You’ll find some songs are Tagalog but there are a lot of English songs. So you’ll be able to listen to it. And maybe just give it a go and listen to the Tagalog songs. You might like some..

I Can’t Anymore

I can’t be talkative like before

When I would react and say something

A little to your complaints

Sometimes it occur to me

If i will be bound

To you for a long time

I just got tired

I can’t be like that anymore

I can’t get back my energy like before

I can’t anymore

Activities To Start Now

This is for teenagers and young adults who are thinking of things to do to be productive during this pandemic, as some of you are staying at home, and has time in your hands.

Don’t take me for an example as I discovered my passions so late. Or maybe just a little late. But still late, yes I know. That’s why I want you to start now.

I also admit I didn’t know what I want to do back then. That’s why I discovered those this late.

Things in the list below may not have to spend much of your money so do it now. Here is my list..

Read the Bible

Learn an instrument

Create a journal

Learn to sing or dance

Read your favorite genre

Draw or paint

Write a story

Start a blog

You can do these things while you’re still a student. Once you graduate being a student and job hunt, you will have to develop time management skill, because you don’t have enough time.

There still a lot of activities. As a matter of fact, all these are applicable to all. As long as you want to do one or two things.

We all need diversion during such depressing times that still lingering. So maybe do three activities instead.

~ 🎼 ~

My Blogging Discovery

It’s interesting the history of a blog, and why we decided to create one. Some may have specific and reasonable reasons. I happen to be simple as sharing my thoughts. And let me share my discovery too.


I think I discovered about blogging because of Maine Mendoza. She was discovered because of her dubsmash videos. That’s when she auditioned for Eat Bulaga’s Juan For All, All For Juan.

She then became a host, actress, model, and endorser. Eat Bulaga is a noon time show in the Philippines. When she just started in the segment, I adore her personality. Actually not just me, but my whole family adore her.

So her very first appearance in the segment, I stalked her, and found that she has a blog. I was a college sophomore that time. But I think the idea of sharing my thoughts were already there. I just didn’t know how to do it.


As usual as it sound, I created my blog because I want to share my thoughts. Though some may find this unnecessary or corny, I still want to share my thoughts. I simply have an ordinary life. No fancy things or anythings. What I honestly have is a life full of frustration. Regardless I still want to live for my dreams. ❀️

I just really want to say that I’m really grateful to all of you for following and reading my blog. πŸ˜‡β€οΈ

~ 🎼 ~

Marvel’s ✨ETERNALS✨

Who has watched all the Marvel movies from Iron Man 1 to Endgame? Well we have new movies to watch. I can’t wait!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch Loki and WandaVision series that started in Disney+. I wonder if those might have connection to upcoming movies. Goodness, I also want to watch it..

The ✨Eternals✨

When I saw Ms. Angelina Jolie in the trailer, I screameeedd! 😁✌🏻

I would really love her in the Marvel, and finally she became part of the universe! What took so long for her to be part? I still ask this though she was already in the universe.

I think she was really reserved for the Eternals because she’s truly an amazing actress. The role suited her well. Oh I really can’t wait to watch Eternals!

I will be screaming in awe again when I watch the movie. Just like when I watched the Endgame with my siblings.

The Endgame

When we watched it in cinema, and Captain America stood up, tightened the strap of his shield, his face of bruises and cuts, readying his fighting skills– then Sam spoke– I really screamed!

Just a low scream though. I didn’t like to frighten others…

My siblings restrained me as I made low scream again. And again. And I think one more time.

When everyone appeared on Captain’s side, I also screamed “it’s a friend from work!” You know the line where Thor faced the Champion of Sakaar in Thor Ragnarok. Only to find that it’s Hulk.


Come on, who would not cry on that scene??

I was also about to as I felt a lump in my throat.

I didn’t know this until now, but I am a proud fan of Marvel Universe. 😁❀️

To the Marvel company, I am waiting eagerly for upcoming movies. Can I work for your company, if I may ask? Oh sorry, I mean you keep on amazing me, and I love it! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•