Can I Just Hide in Bed ’til Jesus Comes Back?

Funny thing is the book was paid by my youngest sibling. She bought me that. We were looking around a bookshop and she told me she’ll buy me a book there I just have to choose. She was also looking for some Wattpad book that time.

You know I was like guided by an angel to find the book. Whenever I go to a bookshop, I would just basically scan through the titles. And when I found something it’s like I get instant connection to that book. This isn’t only when I found the recent book above, but I think every time I’d buy a book actually.

I remember when my friends and I hang out in a mall, and we stopped by a book stall. One of my friends asked me to help her find a book about life (which I quickly understood as some self-help books), because she thinks I’m keen on spotting one. And so I did scan through the books and found one thankfully!

Can I just hide in bed ’til Jesus comes back?

Really can I? Cause I actually don’t want to leave my bed, I could just lie all day!

Just being in bed or in the house means not leaving your comfort zone. Honestly sometimes I could think of just being this ordinary. Like no purpose in life. Just sleep, work and repeat.

How comfortable my life would be? If I could just hide…

But then God has given me a purpose, something to do besides just being ordinary. And I know I can’t always stay in my comfort zone. Though I manage to get to work, I’d still be “cowering under invisible blankets of fear, dread, and self-doubt,” as what the introduction of the book says. Well that maybe the reason why the book and I connected!

Hopefully with this book, I’d get to face life with courage, not comforters!

~ 🎼 ~

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