Updates in Life Lately

Hello! Just got back with some updates that took me forever to share, haha..

Writing. I published my Tagalog story in Wattpad. And I’m also been active writing for it this past weeks.

Rowsonance is my Wattpad username

Kdrama. I have watched Squid Game and Sweet Home. I say this again that I love Kdrama so much. I heard that you must watch Squid Game LAST. But it’s the opposite that happened to me. Now I don’t know if I could watch Alice In The Borderland. I think it’s an awesome series too, but I’m gonna pass for it in the meantime. Regarding animes, I’m rewatching one of my favorite called Soul Eater.

Squid Game and Sweet Home are both great series. However in Sweet Home, I think there are scenes that cut off, or maybe a bit fast that I didn’t understand well? Again however, I realized maybe those scenes will be play on a potential season two.

One morning… It wasn’t fine. It was a bad one for me. I woke up early because I have work that day. It just rained heavily that morning, and my father told me that my pants were soaking through the holes on the roof! I tried to dry it up using a fan, but still damp, so I didn’t bother drying it up.

Although an inappropriate office attire, but I got no choice but to use my tokong (pants that has been cut from the knee down to the end). On my way to work, I talked with our manager on messenger. I was busy with my replies that I forgot to put my face shield!

There’s a checkpoint in a boundary where police checks the passengers if they wear face mask and shield. I only wore a face mask as I forgot to assemble my face shield. Sad to say I was caught not wearing it. So I had to got off the jeep, then had my name and info listed down their sheet. Like really shit. I’m stupid. Regardless, I still apologized to the police officers. I clearly understood my fault. I think I got traumatized by that experience. It took me a few days to move on.

Vaxx. I have also been completed my vaccine shots, thank God. I didn’t have any side effect aside from throbbing headache from my first dose. I think I got it because I had to wake up early that day.

When I arrived at the vaccination site, I was shocked by the line of the first dose, too many people! We occupied almost half of the wide and long parking lot. We were just lining there, inside of the mall was the actual vaccination area. I waited for more than 4 hours on the line before I got my shot..

On my second dose, there were too many people still. And I waited almost 8 hours before I got my second shot..

~ 🎼 ~

6 thoughts on “Updates in Life Lately

  1. Congrats on writing!

    Huh I am still half of ep1 of Suid Game. I watched ep1 only as well of Alice in Borderland haha.

    Currently watching Hometown Chachacha instead haha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Squid Game really did blow me away (except the VIP part). I watched it before social media was filled with it, so I totally didn’t know what to expect, which I think helped much more than if I were to watch it now and have much higher expectations. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What about the VIP part? I’ve seen a lot of spoilers in social media before I watched it, but I still enjoy watching it. I’m excited for its 2nd season!


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