“Young Royals” Appreciation

Through scrolling on the internet, I found this drama. And I’d say I actually got excited when I read some posts, and when I watched the trailer. I was like ‘okay I got a new inspiration, I want to watch it.’

This is a biased review/thoughts, and I’m just gonna express in my own outlook.

From Pinterest

As an aspiring writer, it’s important for me to have a lot of inspirations. And this drama is one of those! You know that I also love Kdrama, so being a viewer isn’t new to me.

I love the main characters, Wilhelm and Simon, and their adorable love story. I even presumed some possibilities for the next season.

What if Wilhelm find a way to be with Simon again? And if he did find a way, what will be the consequences? Will he make their relationship official? As we understand that Simon doesn’t like to be in secret. And will Simon accept him to be together again?

Love or duty?

I also love the fact that the drama is different from other shows of its kind. Because I read some articles about Young Royals that mentions other shows. Of how it’s different from the usual love scenes on those other shows.

Also I felt sorry for Wilhelm and Simon’s relationship as they didn’t really get support from their classmates.

These are all based from me. So I hope for the season 2 VERY SOON, as I am looking forward for it.

Sending love for the Young Royals actors and staffs! ❤️

By the way I still can’t get over this drama and still hanging from the last hug of the last episode. Their story, I mean their love story specifically is just sweet for me. When they hugged for the last time, I was ‘did they just broke up? In seriousness? Did they? Oh no. Oh no you can’t do this to me.’ 😣😢

I have to admit I don’t know much about the LGBTQ+ community. However it doesn’t mean I don’t have respect for them, I respect them wholly as a person. I would rather look to them as a person, as a human.

We’re human after all. ❤️

~ 🎼 ~

Have you also watched Young Royals? If so, what do you think about it? Did we have the same feelings for it? Let me know in the comments!

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