Summer and Rainy Season

At the start of this month, rainy season has officially begun here in the Philippines. It was early this year. Some of us are not ready to face the new season. Like me, I still want summer to remain a little longer.

I honestly don’t like rainy season. Let me tell you some of my lame excuses.

I feel like I’m limited to where I would like to go because I’m just gonna be lazy to get out. Sometimes when I commute for work, my clothes would get wet. If there’s heavy rainfall, I would wear slippers, short and t-shirt first. I just pack my office clothes and change when I arrived in the office. It’s double-clothing.

Nevertheless I don’t clear out the thought that maybe somewhere there are who needs the early rainy season. Summer just cooked us with high heat temperature. There also has someone who tried to boil an egg under the heat of the sun!

Summer had an extreme heat temperature, and I want it to remain a little longer? And I don’t like rainy season?

Just like the two weather, I can’t understand myself sometimes too.

There has also a downside about summer for me. Because it’s summer, we’re about to sweat a lot. And I sweat a lot. So it’s a little annoying.

Summer and rainy season. The major weathers we have in this part of the vast world.

Yet, I don’t fully like it.


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