Visited My High School

I have a question… When did you graduate high school? Well I graduated in 2009, and it’s almost 12 years this year.

Throughout those years, my high school experience wasn’t that boring. It was in between, just normal, not too eventful or boring. And there’s something I actually misses about my high school.

It was my way to school…

Because throughout those years I only walk. It was a 30 minutes walk, and I really just got enjoyed those quiet moments on the way.

It was infrequent that I commuted and rode in a tricycle. I just remembered one or two times.

I shared this because I just visited my old high school! I was with my mother and there’s just something we did there. And since we were there already, we travelled down the way.

The road, the houses.. they’re still the same from 2009.

Check out some of the photos I took..

Sorreey… 😁✌🏻

6 thoughts on “Visited My High School

  1. I haven’t visited my high school since graduating. I’ll probably be very emotional. But then, I don’t think I need to. I don’t communicate with most of my high school classmates anyway so h.s. is like a closed book to me.

    I love the neighborhood surrounding the school. Is the school located inside a subdivision? 🙂

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    1. Same din, iilan lang din naman nakakausap ko pa sa ngayon na mga classmates ko dati. Saka ang namiss ko lang naman talaga sa HS ko yung paglalakad ko, ang peaceful kasi..


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