A Mournful Event in the OPM Scene

The vocalist of the band Slapshock, Jamir Garcia, has died just this Nov 26. The band was known for their heavy and meaningful songs that every member of the Slap Army (name for their group of fans) would bang their heads. The band was over twenty years already until now, and another matter was that they were disbanded now.

I’ve read the unexpected news on Facebook, and that the vocalist ended his life by… suicide… Grabe, nakakalungkot lang. Nakakalungkot marinig ang term na ‘yon. I’ve also read that it’s because of his depression that he did that. The band has one big issue that’s also made a one big chaos. Which I’m not delving into because I don’t know the real issue, only read bits of it, and it’s their issue to solve truthfully, so let’s leave them be. I even planned to collect Slapshock’s songs, listen to it and practice playing some to make covers. But I don’t know, man. I guess I’m disheartened now. Oh yes I respect the music they created. I heard one of their song “Agent Orange” and it’s really awesome!

The vocalist’s death was the same with the vocalist of Linkin Park: Chester Bennington. Two iconic and respectable vocalists, not just in the Philippines, in other countries as well. Let’s just mourn for now, and let the time heal some wounds..

As I’m in the music topic, let me update you to the event I talked about in my recent post: Rakrakan Festival. It’s been rescheduled again for next year June 26, 2021. So I should mark my calendar now, and save a lot of confidence, right? And maybe call out for makakasama for it? Baka pwede ka, samahan niyo ko, ahahaha…

~ 🎼 ~

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