The days are so fast…

The year 2020 is coming to its end. I am both happy and worried about it. And as I was looking back and remembering how the past months has been for me… just, what has happened? I have a lot of goals I’d like to achieve, I mean we all are, and… just what has happened?


Well, can we not be happy as a new year is ahead? We can refresh our journal, rewrite the goals which should be to achieve this year, or create new ones! Isn’t it exhilarative?


I think I didn’t use the quarantine months adequately. When the lockdown implemented, I’ve just been paused from being productive, although I did a few things that has worth. Just as I said, I have a lot of goals, and that would be my highlights for this year. But, guess its no their year.

So… I’m worried about I wasted the free time that has been laid for me. While the goals are still doable and applicable for next year, those will still be different to accomplish this year.

I do have vain worries…

I apologize to You, God, and I’ll do better…

~ 🎼 ~

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