The horror movie that disturbed me… a little

Okay, so before I get to that movie, and I could still talk about horror movies, right? Because it’s November? The other night, my siblings and I watched “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.” Here’s what I thought of it:

  • apparently it’s for kids and teenagers, not for adults who look for more intense and terrifying ones
  • a bit scary, like when the scarecrow started to walk towards Tommy
  • I didn’t understand the true nature or intention of the stranger who turned to be their friend. And I even supposed that he’s bad, that he has hidden agenda for Stella
  • going to the end of the movie, where Stella told Sarah that she herself didn’t do anything wrong? When the first time they went to Sarah’s house, she should not picked up the book!

I’m upset, but I know some people might love the movie. But you don’t have to mind the things written above if you love the movie. It’s just me…

So now let’s jump to the movie I want to share. It was 2016 when I wrote something about it.

“The Exorcism of Emily Rose”


And nope, I don’t like to include a promotional poster of that movie.

The trailer said that “witness the disturbing story of Emily Rose.” I didn’t know yet why it was disturbing, until we finished watching. Well me, I was disturbed about the 3am that a priest have said in this movie. These aren’t the exact words: 3am is the time where some entities are trying to be in someone’s body. And, that it is opposite of the 3pm where Jesus Christ was reborn (or died?). I wasn’t so sure about the last sentence. But it is about Jesus Christ.

I was always waking up around that hour. But that night that movie was all I could recall, and I’m a bit scared. BUT, with God Father’s mercy, nothing more. I believe it is because I just can’t take it off my mind so easily that I’m able to recall it. And maybe because I’m really disturbed a bit.

I first suspect the place, her dormitory where it all started. Maybe it was so old, has a rare and frightening history. Because nothing happened to her throughout her life except when she had to leave her town and move away to unfamiliar place. She might have nights where she forgot to pray or talk to God.

Anyways, there’s a verse that I read after days when I watched the movie:

Put yourselves to the test and judge yourselves, to find out wether you are living in faith. Surely you know that Christ Jesus is in you — unless you have completely failed.

2 Corinthians 13:5

I had a quick idea of watching that movie again, the exorcism, to have a better description. But I don’t think of doing that. I don’t want to experience anything again. I’m more of “one is enough, two is too much” kind of person. Besides, I’m extremely glad with my spiritual life now.

~ 🎼 ~

3 thoughts on “The horror movie that disturbed me… a little

    1. Ohh?? We have the same experience! But the truth is I’m still watching horror movies 🤭😅
      But I can’t watch that movie anymore, that specific movie.. 😟😣

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