A Heartbreak

Heartbreak isn’t just about the relationship with a partner.

How about a dream you haven’t able to achieve due to some disturbances?

How about losing patience?

How about the anxiousness to make that dream occur fast?

I could say that unachieved dream gives a more peculiar weigh of despondency.

It’s so heavy and you cannot breathe.

I thought before that people who experience those

Were just acting out.

That it wasn’t a serious thing.

But now I’m experiencing it too.

You could think of me as simply acting out.

To give justice to the people I thought before.

But seriously now, unachieved dream is a heartbreak for me.

And if I could ask,

What could be a heartbreak for you?

~ 🎼 ~

4 thoughts on “A Heartbreak

  1. Yeah the traditional way 😄
    Hmm, I think I’m recovered..
    By the way, Ms. Jessica, I’m really honored to be noticed and followed my blog too by a professional blogger.. Thank you.. 😊🤗❣️


  2. Heartbreak comes in all forms. I got my heart broken so many times, and they all affected me in different ways. Some are as light as needing to be alone a few days while the most extreme made me nearly end my life. Although, we can’t deny that some “heartbreak” seem too shallow for others.

    PS: I couldn’t follow you back easily because clicking on your profile link brought me to a broken link “thedclove.wordpress.com” so I had to search you in order to check your site. Just thought I should mention it, in case some other potential reader might have the same trouble 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhh, Ms. Jessica, that was extreme… 😥😥 Have you recovered already, if I may ask?
      And yeah heartbreak is shallow to others because maybe they haven’t experience it too.. Oh I apologise for the broken link. I checked and fixed it, thank you for telling me.. 🤗❣️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nah, there’s no trouble for me at all. I just thought that some readers might slip out because they can’t find you the ” traditional” way 😄
        And thanks for asking. Yep. I’ve fully recovered from that horrible experience. Hope you’re the same 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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